Always knowing when to
plant, prune, and harvest.

All you need is the right checklist.


beautiful july garden border

What to Plant in July: A Helpful Growing Guide

It’s hard to believe that July is already here. It means lots of weeding, watering, and plenty of breaks in the shade with a refreshing ice-cold drink (hint: these are best garnished with homegrown herbs). If you’re anything like me you’ve wondered what you can safely plant in July. Well,…
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woman watering her flower garden in July

July Gardening Tips: How to Grow Your Dream Garden This Year

It’s July, which means it’s hot outside! But it doesn’t matter because the long July days mean I get to spend more time enjoying my garden. Most everything is planted. My flower garden is overflowing with blooms and filled with the faint hum of bees. And I…
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pretty summer garden landscaping

June Gardening Tips: How to Grow Your Dream Garden This Year

June is a busy month for gardeners. There’s so much to do in the garden, from planting vegetables and flowers to weeding and watering. It can be tough to know where to start… That’s why I’ve put together this handy guide to what you should do in your garden this…
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stack of free seed catalogs on a table

21 of the Best Free Seed Catalogs & My 3 Favorites!

Nothing helps cure a gardener’s cabin fever like a thick stack of seed catalogs. As you page through each one, your garden springs to life in your mind’s eye … green shoots poking up through the soil, seedlings soaking up the sun, juicy tomatoes, ripe and ready for backyard dinners….
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