Always knowing when to
plant, prune, and harvest.

All you need is the right checklist.


Red tulips and crabapple tree in march garden.

March Gardening: What You Need to Do This Month

Typically, March is a hard month for us gardeners. The longer days always fool me into thinking that spring has arrived. Oh yes! Spring is finally here, I think to myself. Well, it is, and it isn’t. Even though my soil is starting to warm up, March is our snowiest month, and …
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seed starting equipment and supplies on a table

The Best Seed Starting Setup

Every year I get the same questions from gardeners who want to start plants from seed – What’s the best soil to use? What are the best containers for starting seed indoors? What are the best grow lights? And I’m not surprised… If you’ve never started seeds indoors before or …
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red lawnmower on a green lawn

The Best Lawn Care Books for Growing Great Grass This Year

Almost every home has a lawn. And every lawn needs to be maintained. And you want to grow gorgeous green grass. But how do you do it? Buy bags of fertilizer? Spray weed killer? What about mowing and irrigation? There’s so much to learn! And homeowners need trustworthy, helpful information about lawns. So, I’ve compiled a list of …
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woman planting in april garden, what to plant in april

The Best Flowers and Vegetables to Plant in April

April is here and that means glimpses of green will pop up in the garden this month. The first green to appear in my garden comes from the earliest bulbs – snowdrops. Soon after the daffodils make an appearance, yellow as egg yolks. And I love watching the bees buzz from …
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woman mulching a flower garden

Types of Mulch: How to Choose The Best One

With color choices like red, brown, and black, and materials like wood, stone, and rubber, how can you choose the right mulch for your garden without getting overwhelmed? All you have to do is follow three simple steps. These three steps will help you avoid the kind of devastating mistake …
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