Simply Smart Gardening – Garden Smart, Not Hard

You want more time to enjoy your garden.

But you don’t know where to start.

And at times, you feel frustrated and overwhelmed.

Intimidated, even.

Growing your dream garden doesn’t have to be a tiring, thorny time-suck.

You can feel confident and proud of your garden…

Even if your garden is in open rebellion, with beds ruled by weedy overlords or total plant anarchy where only the hardiest survive.

The solution is to garden smart, not hard.

And it’s easier than you think!

Meet Cheryl Spencer, Your Fairy Garden Mother

Cheryl Spencer, certified gardener

Hi! I’m Cheryl.

I’m a certified gardener born with a plant addiction that has no cure.

I believe you can grow your dream garden and still have time to enjoy it – no matter how busy you are.

That’s why I created Simply Smart Gardening. To help you grow a garden that’s manageable, wows your neighbors, and makes your family say, “more veggies, please!”

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🌻You can grow your dream garden AND have time to enjoy it!

Here’s why gardeners love Simply Smart Gardening…

Growing a beautiful, productive garden is a grand adventure…

Where should we go first?

seedling icon takes you to articles about gardening basics

Gardening Basics

Get the help you need to start gardening like an expert. No experience required!

trees and shrubs icon takes you to articles about ornamental gardens

Ornamental Gardens

Discover how to grow and care for your flowers and ornamental plants
like a pro.

apple and carrot icon takes you to articles about edible gardens

Edible Gardens

Learn how to grow vegetables, fruit, and herbs you and your family will enjoy.

You’ll find even more help and resources in the shop.

Garden smarter with my most popular digital products and courses.

what to do when checklists

Get the right things done at the right time.

What To Do When: Monthly Checklists for Busy Gardeners

Take the stress, overwhelm, and guesswork out of gardening with these done-for-you checklists.

smart garden journal

Beautifully organize and track all your gardening info.

Smart Garden Journal Pages

Quickly and easily find the important information you need to grow a successful garden every year! Buy once, use forever.

small space, big harvest gardening course logo

Grow more, work less.

Small Space, Big Harvest

The course for busy gardeners who want to grow a wildly productive vegetable garden without all the weeding, watering, or worrying.

Looking for gardening answers?

These popular blog posts are a great place to start.

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And here are some recent gardening ideas.

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The Best Mulch to Prevent Weeds

After years of gardening, I thought I had it all figured out. But then came what I call “The Summer of the Weeds.” If growing weeds was an Olympic sport, my garden would’ve taken home the gold! It was a humbling reality check. And it led me straight to my new best friend… The best…
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