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What is Full Sun, Partial Sun, and Part Shade? (How to Grow Happy Plants)

sunflowers growing in full sun

The sun can be both a generous friend and a relentless foe. Ever planted a full sun diva in a shadowy spot or exposed shade lovers to the unforgiving sun? You probably ended up with a full sun plant huddled in the shadows, pining for the light, and your shade-lover looking as crispy as a potato chip. But this post will help you avoid those mistakes. You can create a garden filled with happy, healthy plants by understanding the difference between full sun, part sun, and full shade. So let’s dive in and explore what it all means!

Succession Planting: The Best Way to Grow a Continuous Harvest

a gardener succession planting lettuce

Ever wished you could hit the “pause” button on the rollercoaster ride of veggie harvests? I get it – the struggle is real when everything ripens at the same time! In. One. Big. Harvest. There’s got to be a better way. Right? Imagine enjoying a steady supply of your favorite veggies without feeling overwhelmed or wasteful. Seem impossible? It’s not when you succession plant. It’s like a magic backyard pantry that always keeps its shelves stocked with fresh ingredients for your next meal. Instead of a flurry of produce and a race against time to use it all, you spread out your harvests. It’s all about timing. Instead of planting everything in one big batch, you stagger your plantings. So, you can get your veggie fix at every meal. Sound good? Keep reading to learn how to keep the harvest train chugging along all season long. We’ll explore the best crops to plant, how to time your plantings just right, and some helpful tips to ensure your harvests are the stuff of garden legends.

What to Plant in August: Expert Reveals The Best Plants to Grow

a woman planting flowers in august

It’s late summer. The sun is high in the sky, and the days are long. And your garden feels like a partially completed canvas, brimming with untapped potential. So, you’re itching to use that extra daylight to plant something. But you’re also wondering…What can I plant now? What’ll withstand the summer heat and mature before my first frost? With the right choices, you can enjoy fresh veggies and beautiful blooms even as summer starts to wind down. I’ll take you through all your options – from fast-growing flowers to seasonal vegetables so you can easily finish your gardening masterpiece. Read on to discover everything you can plant right now…

When to Plant a Fall Garden: How to Choose the Best Dates

vegetables growing in a fall garden

Picture this: as the leaves change color this fall, a chilly breeze whispers through your garden, and you step outside, crunching through the leaves to harvest fresh ingredients for tonight’s dinner… Sound like a pipe dream? It’s not! And it’s easier than you think. But right now, you’re not sure where to start. You may be wondering: What are the best crops and varieties to grow in a fall garden? As my summer garden continues to produce, how do I make room for fall veggies? When should I start seeds? How do I deal with unpredictable fall weather? Don’t worry—I’ve been there.

Sun Mapping Your Garden Will Help You Pick Perfect Plants

a completed sun map of a garden

Want to do a better job of choosing the right plants for your garden? A sun map of your yard will help you do just that! It helps you choose the right plants for your garden based on the amount of sun they need. Which means, you’ll avoid problems like sunscald or lanky, stretched-out plants. Mapping the sun exposure in your yard is simple. All you need is a few common tools and a sunny day. When you’re done, you’ll have a map to use as a handy guide when selecting and placing plants in your garden. Keep reading to see how easy it is!

How to Use Google Lens to Identify Plants: Quick, Easy + FREE (ID flowers, trees and weeds!)

woman holding phone up to identify dandelions

If you’re new to gardening, struggling to identify plants can feel like reading a foreign language without knowing any of the words. And after a long winter, even seasoned gardeners can struggle to identify some of the plants growing in their garden. But I have good news… With Google Lens, you don’t have to waste time struggling to identify a plant or weed! And you can easily identify various plants, flowers, and weeds, no matter your skill level. Simply point your phone at the plant, and Google Lens will do the rest. Or, you can use Google Lens on your desktop to identify plants from photos on your computer. Keep reading to learn how to use Google Lens to identify plants, flowers, and weeds in seconds.

Weeding Bucket DIY: Simple Solution Makes it Easy to Weed

a bucket full of pulled weeds

The best way to keep your weeds under control is to make weeding easier and more convenient. Here’s all you have to do…Make it a breeze to grab your weeding tools. Yep, it’s that simple! And the best way to do that is to stash a DIY weeding bucket (or two) in your garden right where the weeds are. No more misplaced weeding tools means you’ll save time. And it’ll be easier to weed for a few minutes whenever you spot a few weeds sprouting up between your plants. These buckets have been a game changer for me and my garden, and I know they’ll work for you too!

Living Mulch: Powerful Organic Weed Control for Your Garden [Examples, Benefits & Tips]

a collage of living mulches in gardens

Is there anything more frustrating than spending an entire weekend weeding your garden to watch new weeds sprout up a few days later?

Growing a living mulch is a low-maintenance solution that can help keep those pesky weeds at bay.

Living mulches cover bare soil and act as a natural, organic weed control.

They also have extra benefits, like attracting beneficial insects to your garden. And when you grow a living mulch, there’s no need to top off your mulch every year.

So if you’re looking for an easy way to keep your garden looking great and weed-free, it’s time to try living mulch!

Corn Gluten Meal for Weeds: Is it an Effective Weed Killer?

corn gluten meal

Looking for natural or organic ways to control pesky weeds in your garden?

If so, you may be wondering if corn gluten can help.

Companies that sell organic weedkillers market corn gluten meal as a natural and safe pre-emergent herbicide.

Some gardeners swear by it. While others say it doesn’t work at all.

So, what’s the truth? Does corn gluten control weeds?

Keep reading to find out whether it’s effective for controlling weeds in your garden.

21 Best Free Seed Catalogs in 2023 [Vegetable + Flower Seed]

stack of free seed catalogs on a table

Nothing helps cure a gardener’s cabin fever like a thick stack of seed catalogs.
As you page through each one, your garden springs to life in your mind’s eye … green shoots poking up through the soil, seedlings soaking up the sun, juicy tomatoes, ripe and ready for backyard dinners. There’s a lot to look forward to in your garden this year, and it all starts with a few good seed catalogs. But how do you know which ones are right for you?

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