house that's had fall clean up done

Fall Clean-Up: Get It Done Faster and Easier This Year

I remember how excited I was, as a kid, to see all those autumn leaves floating down and creating a beautiful, colorful blanket on the ground.

My mom would rake them up into huge piles on our lawn. I couldn’t wait to bundle up, run outside, and dive right into that tall, crispy pile!

Now, as an adult, the leaves are still just as beautiful, but I’m the one doing the raking! So, it’s not quite as fun…

How to Have a Colorful Spring Garden – Plant Bulbs This Fall

When you first see a flower bulb, it can be hard to imagine the glorious show they’ll put on next season.

The bulbs themselves are unimpressive. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, they’re dry, covered in a papery skin, and seem as lifeless as a moon rock.

But inside that unassuming little package is an entire plant waiting to burst out.

And that’s the magic of bulbs.

What To Do In Your Flower Garden This September

September is a great time to think about went well this year in your flower garden, and what changes you want to make next year. It’s also a gentle reminder to get things done in the garden before the ground freezes.

Take time to walk through your garden and make notes. What would you like to add? More spring bulbs? Plants that attract pollinators, or appeal to birds? More annuals you grow from seed? Whatever your goals may be, plan now. September is a time for planning, and for doing. Here’s my list of what to do in your flower garden this month.

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