Always knowing when to
plant, prune, and harvest.

All you need is the right checklist.


a woman holding a gardening book in winter

The Best Winter Gardening Books to Read Now

Whether you want to grow vegetables outdoors this winter, grow things inside, or sit in your favorite armchair and read up on gardening while your plants doze under a blanket of snow there’s a book on this list that can make you a better gardener. Keep reading to discover my…
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a woman planting flowers in her garden in march

What to Plant in March

The garden in March is defined by transitions. It’s the month when winter yields to spring. We finally get to harvest the first green salad leaves, pull the first weeds, and we keep our fingers crossed for a quick end to mud season so we can actually get some gardening…
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planting tools and seedlings on a table

The Best Flowers and Vegetables to Plant This February

It may be hard to believe, but it’s time to start planning this year’s garden! Don’t let February’s gray skies, frigid temperatures, and snow-capped gardens fool you. Spring is just around the corner… So, now’s the time to decide what you want to grow this year. Once you have your…
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a vegetable gardening book on a table next to a bowl of fruit

The Ultimate List of the Best Vegetable Gardening Books

Picture this. You decide to learn more about vegetable gardening. So, you head over to Amazon and type in “vegetable gardening books.” As the results load, you close your eyes and sigh. There are too many books to choose from! You think to yourself, “I don’t really want to read…
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lettuce grown with square foot spacing

The Best Way To Save Time In Your Vegetable Garden

If you’re new to vegetable gardening, have a limited amount of space, or are tired of sweating in the hot summer sun as you swat mosquitos and pull weeds, square foot gardening is for you. Square foot gardening is a high-yield intensive gardening method that helps you get a lot…
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