Always knowing when to
plant, prune, and harvest.

All you need is the right checklist.


lettuce grown with square foot spacing

The Best Way To Save Time In Your Vegetable Garden

If you’re new to vegetable gardening, have a limited amount of space, or are tired of sweating in the hot summer sun as you swat mosquitos and pull weeds, square foot gardening is for you. Square foot gardening is a high-yield intensive gardening method that helps you get a lot…
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house that's had fall clean up done

Fall Clean-Up: Get It Done Faster and Easier This Year

I remember how excited I was, as a kid, to see all those autumn leaves floating down and creating a beautiful, colorful blanket on the ground. My mom would rake them up into huge piles on our lawn. I couldn’t wait to bundle up, run outside, and dive right into…
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man harvesting pumpkins in a garden in october

What To Do In Your Vegetable Garden This October

If you want to get more from your vegetable garden by extending your growing season October is the time to pull out your cold frames or other season extension structures like grow tunnels, hoop houses or row covers. These can extend your growing season by weeks or months, depending on…
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What To Do In Your Vegetable Garden This September

The change in the season is a gentle reminder to get things done in the garden before the ground freezes. September is a great time to reflect on your vegetable garden successes and what didn’t go so well. Think about what changes you want to make next year, and how…
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