Imagine if planting your garden felt easier.

square foot gardening chart on a tablet

“Thanks to your chart, I’ll be saving time and money by planting correctly the FIRST time.”
— Tina, a new gardener

You want to space your vegetables properly.

But who can keep all that info in their head?

Find the right spacing in under a minute when you grab my FREE printable square foot garden chart.

It’s the simplest way to lay out your beds!

No more googling plant spacing for every crop (and wasting time weeding through the info).

You’ll never under or over plant your garden again!

square foot garden spacing chart pdf

“Yes! I don’t have to research spacing for my raised beds every second.”
– Julie, a small space vegetable gardener

Your square foot gardening chart pdf includes:

  • An easy-to-use, concise visual planting guide.
  • Guidelines for over 30 vegetables – you won’t need to look up plant spacing ever again!
  • Additional crop spacing suggestions based on my 20+ years’ gardening experience.

It’s perfect for gardeners with limited space or raised beds.

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Cheryl Spencer, certified gardener

Hey, I’m Cheryl, your square foot gardening guide.

And I love maximizing my harvest. But I don’t love leaving the garden when I’m planting to tromp back to the house so I can look up the proper spacing for leaf lettuce each year. “Is it 9 per square or 4?”

So, I created this printable square foot gardening chart.

Now, planting time is less stressful because it’s easy to get the spacing right for my favorite plants!

Why 8,183+ vegetable gardeners have said “yes” to the square foot gardening chart:

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“I’ve been looking on Google, and your square foot planting chart is the easiest to understand. Thank you!”
 — Ellen, a busy vegetable gardener

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