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Gardening Articles: Latest Tips and How-Tos for Gardeners

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Are you ready to take your gardening game to the next level?

I cover gardening topics ranging from tips for starting a garden from seed, advice on choosing the right plants for your climate and soil, to interesting ways to save time in your garden.

Whether you want to start your first garden or expand your gardening knowledge, you’ll find helpful articles here!

Gardening topics you’ll find on my blog

My goal is to write the best gardening articles that help both beginner and experienced gardeners.

So, whether you’re looking for easy flower garden ideas for beginners or more advanced vegetable gardening tips and tricks, I’ve got you covered!

Here are the most popular gardening topics I cover:

  • Vegetable garden tips.
  • Flower gardens.
  • Garden design ideas.
  • Square foot gardening tips.
  • Seed starting.
  • Spring garden tips.
  • Fall garden tips.

Vegetable gardening tips

Want more fresh produce? Get helpful advice on how to get started with vegetable gardening, from soil preparation to harvesting your bounty!

a woman planting flowers in her garden in march

What to Plant in March: Helpful Guide Makes Planting Easy

The garden in March is defined by transitions. It’s the month when winter yields to spring. We finally get to harvest the first green salad leaves, pull the first weeds, and we keep our fingers crossed for a quick end to mud season so we can actually get some gardening done! As the…
packet of melon seeds

How Long Do Seeds Last? Complete Viability Guide [Free Chart]

As you thumb through half-empty seed packets left over from last year, or even several years ago, you wonder if they’re still good. You shrug, plant the seeds, and cross your fingers. If they don’t germinate, you’ll buy some new ones. But here’s my prediction. By the time you notice the seeds…
stack of free seed catalogs on a table

21 Best Free Seed Catalogs in 2023 [Vegetable + Flower Seed]

Nothing helps cure a gardener’s cabin fever like a thick stack of seed catalogs. As you page through each one, your garden springs to life in your mind’s eye … green shoots poking up through the soil, seedlings soaking up the sun, juicy tomatoes, ripe and ready for backyard dinners….

Flower garden ideas and tips

From quick projects for beginners to more advanced gardening techniques, these ideas and tips will have your neighbors oohing and ahhing over your handiwork in no time!

gardener holding red pruners, pruning plants

The 5 Best Pruning Books Will Help You Prune Like a Pro!

Pruning is one of the most essential and yet subtle skills for a gardener to master. Because there’s more to it than cutting off branches that look diseased or dead. Even small mistakes can have big consequences, and you don’t want your garden to look like Charlie Brown’s tree after…
fall garden with a sunstar in the corner

September Gardening: What to Do This Month

The (mostly) cooler weather and clear skies of September are a welcome change from summer’s intense heat. Although there’ll still be warm days to come, I enjoy relaxing on the porch in the cool of the morning, so I can take in the beautiful backlighting cast by the fall sunshine.
beautiful july garden border

What to Plant in July: A Helpful Growing Guide

It’s hard to believe that July is already here. It means lots of weeding, watering, and plenty of breaks in the shade with a refreshing ice-cold drink (hint: these are best garnished with homegrown herbs). If you’re anything like me you’ve wondered what you can safely plant in July. Well,…

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Meet your fairy garden mother

Cheryl Spencer, certified gardener

Hi, I’m Cheryl Spencer, a Certified Gardener.

Born with a plant addiction that has no known cure, I became a Certified Gardener to help ease the symptoms. Now I write articles and create gardening products that help you save time and money in your garden. I believe you can grow your dream garden and still have time to enjoy it. The good news? Anyone can do it. Start here »

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