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Get ready to grow a garden that doesn’t waste your time and money or become a weedy mess.

I believe you can grow your dream garden and still have time to enjoy it.

You can cultivate gardening happiness.

All you need are a few smart strategies and a little know-how.

Let me show you what I mean.

Check out this Venn diagram.

gardening venn diagram of gardening happiness

Gardening happiness is:

  • Growing a garden that fits into your lifestyle, wows your neighbors, and makes your family say, “more veggies, please!”
  • Feeling confident about what to do when, and getting it done.
  • Knowing that you’re not wasting money on plants that die, gardening products that don’t work, and vegetables you don’t eat.

And you don’t need more hours in the day or a bigger gardening budget to have gardening happiness.

Cheryl Spencer, certified gardener

Hi! I’m Cheryl.

I’m a certified gardener born with a plant addiction that has no cure.

I share simple techniques and smart strategies that help you become a better gardener, faster. Together we’ll create a system that works for you and gives you more time to enjoy your garden.

You can grow your dream garden, and here’s how I can help.

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  3. Soil Test and Amendment Tracking Chart No more wondering “what did I add to my soil last year?” Download this free chart to keep track of your fertilizers and amendments.

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