Red maple tree in front of a white house in October

39+ Tips to Help Make Your October Garden the Best It Can Be

This month the garden is winding down for most of us. It’s the last chance for a major clean up effort before the weather turns wintery. And depending on how far into October it is when you’re reading this, you may have had a light frost or two, and if you…
house that's had fall clean up done

Fall Clean-Up: Get It Done Faster and Easier This Year

I remember how excited I was, as a kid, to see all those autumn leaves floating down and creating a beautiful, colorful blanket on the ground. My mom would rake them up into huge piles on our lawn. I couldn’t wait to bundle up, run outside, and dive right into that…
organic mulch, wood chips next to a wheelbarrow

Organic Mulch: A Complete Guide to The Best Natural Mulches

Imagine if you could magically minimize the need to weed, water, and fertilize your garden. Well, your gardening fairy-godmother, organic mulch, is ready to wave her wand over your garden and grant your wish! Organic mulches create a cozy blanket over your soil, which protects your soil from drying winds, blistering sun,…
vegetables growing in a fall garden

When to Plant a Fall Garden: How to Choose the Best Dates

Picture this: as the leaves change color this fall, a chilly breeze whispers through your garden, and you step outside, crunching through the leaves to harvest fresh ingredients for tonight’s dinner… Sound like a pipe dream? It’s not! And it’s easier than you think. But right now, you’re not sure…
a suculent plant in a pot sitting on a desk next to a stack of books

11 Best Succulent Books Will Help You Grow Healthy Plants

We’ve all done it. You spot a cute succulent at the store. And think to yourself “I have the perfect spot for this at home!” So, you reach down, pick it up, and put it in your cart.  But after you get it home you wonder things like: How much water does it…
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