gardener holding red pruners, pruning plants

The 5 Best Pruning Books: Learn to Prune Like a Pro in 2024!

Pruning is one of the most essential and yet subtle skills for a gardener to master. Because there’s more to it than cutting off branches that look diseased or dead. Even small mistakes can have big consequences, and you don’t want your garden to look like Charlie Brown’s tree after…
seed starting equipment and supplies on a table

Best Seed Starting Setup: Simple DIY Guide Makes it Easy!

Every year I get the same questions from gardeners who want to start plants from seed – What’s the best soil to use? What are the best containers for starting seed indoors? What are the best grow lights? And I’m not surprised… If you’ve never started seeds indoors before or…
garden design drawn in colored pencil

Garden Design How To: DIY Garden Design for Beginners

Have you ever watched a landscape makeover on TV and thought “how hard could it be to design my own garden?” They do make it look easy, don’t they? Good landscape design adds value to your home without breaking the bank. And it creates a space you and your family…
Red tulips and crabapple tree in march garden.

March Gardening Tips + To-Dos: How to Grow Your Dream Garden in 2024

Typically, March is a hard month for us gardeners. The longer days always fool me into thinking that spring has arrived. Oh yes! Spring is finally here, I think to myself. Well, it is, and it isn’t. Even though my soil is starting to warm up, March is our snowiest month, and…
a gardener succession planting lettuce

Succession Planting: The Best Way to Grow a Continuous Harvest

Ever wished you could hit the “pause” button on the rollercoaster ride of veggie harvests? I get it – the struggle is real when everything ripens at the same time! In. One. Big. Harvest. There’s got to be a better way. Right? Imagine enjoying a steady supply of your favorite…
woman holding phone up to identify dandelions

How to Identify Plants With Google Lens: Quick, Easy + FREE

If you’re new to gardening, struggling to identify plants can feel like reading a foreign language without knowing any of the words. And after a long winter, even seasoned gardeners can struggle to identify some of the plants growing in their garden. But I have good news… With Google…
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