woman planting in april garden, what to plant in april

What to Plant in April: Best Vegetables + Flowers to Grow Now

April is here and that means glimpses of green will pop up in the garden this month. The first green to appear in my garden comes from the earliest bulbs – snowdrops. Soon after the daffodils make an appearance, yellow as egg yolks. And I love watching the bees buzz from…
a completed sun map of a garden

Sun Mapping Your Garden Will Help You Pick Perfect Plants

Want to do a better job of choosing the right plants for your garden? A sun map of your yard will help you do just that! It helps you choose the right plants for your garden based on the amount of sun they need. Which means, you’ll avoid problems like…
leggy seedlings growing in a pot

Leggy Seedlings: Why You Have Leggy Seedlings and How to Fix This Problem

A couple of weeks after starting your seeds indoors, your shoulders sag as you look at your seedlings. They don’t look right. They’re thin, pale, wispy things – all skinny stems, and hardly any leaves. It feels like a seed-starting disaster! And you wonder, “can I salvage these seedlings?” The good news is it’s…
lettuce under a grow light

Easy Seed Starting Shelves DIY: Make a Grow Light Stand Fast

You want to start plants from seed, and you want it to be easy. So, you get out some pots, fill them with potting soil, pop your seeds in, and water them. As you place the pots next to your sunniest window, you nod your head and think, “that was…
a suculent plant in a pot sitting on a desk next to a stack of books

11 Best Succulent Books Will Help You Grow Healthy Plants

We’ve all done it. You spot a cute succulent at the store. And think to yourself “I have the perfect spot for this at home!” So, you reach down, pick it up, and put it in your cart.  But after you get it home you wonder things like: How much water does it…
a stack of the best gardening books for beginners sitting on a mantle

24 of The Best Gardening Books for Beginners in 2024

We live in an era of instant everything. Instant rice, instant communication, and most importantly … instant-dry nail polish! But one thing that can’t be sped up is your garden. I learned that when my fourth-grade teacher had us start sunflower seeds in a paper cup. I woke up each…
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