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Ornamental Gardens: The Best Design Tips and Help to Get Started

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Do you dream of growing a beautiful ornamental garden but don’t know where to start?

Creating an ornamental garden may seem intimidating at first, with all the decisions and details you need to consider.

But it doesn’t have to feel overwhelming.

With a bit of knowledge and careful preparation, creating a stunning yet functional space is within reach, even for busy gardeners.

What’s an ornamental garden?

An ornamental garden is a garden that features plants that are chosen more for their beauty than for their usefulness. These gardens often feature flower beds, lawns, and hedges. The best ones complement the style of the home or create a specific visual effect.

Ornamental gardens can be any size, but it’s best when they’re small enough to be manageable.

Some gardeners install ornamental gardens as part of their landscaping design, while others create them as standalone features.

When you grow an ornamental garden, you can create gorgeous displays with vibrant flowers, lush shrubs, majestic trees, and even delicious and delightful edible plants!

How are ornamental garden plants used?

Ornamental plants can be used to spruce up any outdoor space from the most elaborate landscaping to a humble vegetable garden.

They’re also used to create natural barriers between properties or to boost the curb appeal of your home.

They can be used to add color and interest to dull areas of your yard or to frame a beautiful view.

And beautiful groundcovers can be used as living mulch.

Examples of ornamental plants include ornamental grass, foliage plants, flowering plants, herbs, vines, groundcovers, and perennials.

But ornamentals aren’t only at home in your flower bed!

Some ornamental garden plants are also edible and can be used to beautify your vegetable garden. Or try planting them among non-edible plants!

And don’t limit your garden plant palette just to what looks best in the summer.

Ornamental plants can be used to beautify your yard all year long.

From vibrant flowers to lush trees – an ornamental garden is a great way to add beauty and charm to your space.

Here’s what to plant in your garden right now

Create your own tranquil oasis.

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