Here’s how to know if that sunny or shady spot in your garden is right for a particular plant.

diy sun cacluator printable on a tablet

“Your sun calculator checklist showed me where to place my garden. We have a lot of tall trees.”
— Hannah, a new gardener

🌻You want your plants to thrive.

But they need the right amount of sun to flourish.

Whether you’re a new or experienced gardener, it can be tricky to know how much sun or shade your garden gets.

And there’s no need to guess…

So, what’s the answer?

Create a sun map of your garden.

With my step-by-step checklist, it’s easy to map your garden’s sun exposure and find the perfect place for every plant!

diy sun cacluator checklist on a tablet

“Now I can analyze the sun patterns and microclimates in my yard. No more watching plants struggle!”
— Michelle, an urban gardener

What’s included in your printable sunlight calculator:

  1. Easy-to-follow instructions help you avoid common sun exposure mistakes gardeners make when planting.
  2. A printable checklist so you don’t miss a step.
  3. Gardening graph paper that makes it easy to create your sun map.

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Cheryl Spencer, certified gardener

Hi! I’m Cheryl, your sun mapping sensei.

I believe choosing the right plants for your garden doesn’t have to be complicated.

But when you don’t know how much sun your garden gets, it’s hard to pick the right plants for your garden.

And it’s difficult to know if a plant is languishing because it’s getting too much sun or shade.

I created the sunlight calculator to make it easy to understand your garden’s sun exposure and help you choose the perfect place for all your plants.

Whether you want to grow a full sun vegetable garden, shade garden, or something in-between!

Why 368+ busy gardeners have said “yes” to the DIY Sunlight Calculator:

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“Creating a sun exposure map showed me how to put my veggies and partial sun herbs in the right place, so they grow and stay healthy.”
— Sean, a vegetable gardener

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