Garden Design Workbook PDF: An Easy Way to Start Planning

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“I was able to enhance the existing garden I have with more ideas and attention to detail.”
— Ann

You want a beautiful garden but don’t know where to start…

It can feel overwhelming to plan out your garden.

It’s hard enough trying to decide what kind of trees, shrubs, and flowers to plant in your garden.

And then you start stressing about the layout and planting schemes, the colors, and whether or not it’ll look good!

By writing down your ideas and doing some research ahead of time, you can feel confident about planning out your dream garden.

And my free Garden Design Workbook is the perfect solution!

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“The workbook is a fantastic start for me I have a 2-acre front area to landscape and am excited to start. I feel it will be a long project but worth it in the end!” — LeeAnne M.

Your free garden design workbook includes:

  • An easy-to-use design workbook that you can print or fill out on your computer.
  • Targeted questions that’ll help you think more like a designer.
  • Graph paper that makes it easy to get started on your plan.

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Cheryl Spencer, certified gardener

Hey, I’m Cheryl, your garden design guide.

I believe anyone can design their own garden.

But when you’re new to landscape design, it can be hard to know where to start.

That’s why I created this garden design workbook pdf and offer it as a free download.

Think of it as a quick-start garden design guide.

It’s a printable workbook that’ll help you make some initial decisions about how you want your garden to look.

Once you make those essential garden design decisions, it becomes much easier to complete your plan!

Why 7,579+ gardeners have said “yes” to the garden design workbook:

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“My husband and I recently bought our first house. My goal is to set up waterwise gardens with perennials. I’m really happy that I found your workbook! It’s been a fun activity and a good place to write down everything as I am researching and learning. Thank you for the valuable tips!”
— Taytum W.

Here’s a sneak peek of your garden design workbook:

preview of garden design workbook pdf

This printable workbook helps you make initial garden design decisions.

Want to plan your garden but not sure where to start?

Download this free garden design workbook pdf to get started with designing the garden of your dreams!

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