Mulch Comparison Chart: Find the Best Mulch in 3 Easy Steps!

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“Your chart made it easier to choose the right mulch from the garden store.”
— Sam W.

You know you need to mulch your garden.

It helps to prevent weed growth, control soil temperature, and retain soil moisture.

But there are so many choices! It can be hard to know which mulch is best.

First, there’s organic mulch. Should you use bark mulch? Wood mulch? Pine straw? What about grass clippings?

And then there’s inorganic mulch. Do you want to use rubber mulch, plastic mulch, or stone mulch?

The answer?

My mulch comparison chart.

It’s a printable cheat sheet that walks you through choosing the best mulch for your garden.

mulch comparison chart pdf pages

“Thank you! Having this mulch comparison chart means I can stop using Google and reading the back of bags to find out what’s in the mulch.”
— Karen D.

Follow these 3 easy steps to compare mulch types:

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  2. Check off the top three things you want this mulch to do for your garden.
  3. Quickly sort through the different mulch options and find the perfect mulch for your needs!

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Cheryl Spencer, certified gardener

Hi! I’m Cheryl, your garden mulch buying guide.

I believe choosing the best mulch for your garden doesn’t have to be complicated.

Mulching is one of the best things to do for your garden, whether you want to mulch a perennial bed, annual plants, or a vegetable garden.

But to find the best mulch to use, you need to know the pros and cons of each type of mulch.

So, I created this easy-to-use cheat sheet for you.

The chart compares 26 different organic and inorganic mulches.

So, whether you’re looking for the best mulch for your flower beds, your vegetable garden, or the best mulch to stop weeds, this chart will help you find the right one.

Download it now so you can find the best mulch for your garden in three simple steps!

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Here’s a sneak peek of your mulch chart:

types of mulches cheat sheet - table with a list of mulch types

This mulch comparison chart will help you decide what mulch to use.

Trying to decide which mulch to buy?

My free mulch comparison chart will help you sort through the differences so you can choose the best mulch for your garden.

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